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May 19th, 2035

Partially friends only

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Welcome to my furry journal visitor!

Please note that about half of my journal entries are "friends only" posts.

If I've ever met you in real life, I'm happy to add you to my livejournal friends list so you're able to read those entries also.

In this case, reply to this post or send me LJ private message. Or add me to your friends list and I'll do the same. If you prefer email or IM, see my contact information.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy reading my journal!

December 15th, 2015

Squirrel cookies

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For christmas, if they last that long :) *nom* *nom*

September 25th, 2015

Flying Fox

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Filled with honey and most amazing scent. That shower gel I mean.

And now stupid Lush stopped making it :(

Why always all the good things go...

And just for the record, I liked it already before my fursona ended up to be bat :) So it wasn't just the name, even though it was nice extra for me indeed. Always made me smile in the shower.

July 30th, 2015

Blueberries *nom*

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Awesome blueberry time in Finland :)

It took less than hour to pick up these plus everything I ate. Really big ones and practically from backyard.

January 29th, 2015

Animal passport

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I got my new passport today and noticed that previously blank pages now contains pictures of different animals. There's wolves, lynxes, bunnies, birds etc:

How sweet! Furry passport :)

And moose on right side have small walking animation when you flip through the pages :D Good example that even official documents like this doesn't need to be boring.

December 23rd, 2014

Merry xmas

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I got christmas card from my friend:

Christmas gnome with a cat, some bunnies around. But then, what are those creatures with glowing eyes, that are lurking in the darkness behind the trees, watching.

Merry Christmas... if you survive :D

December 3rd, 2014

A3 original bat

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Some time ago I commissioned traditional, A3 size picture of my bat character from Jagal. Its been such a pleasure working with her. She first made me over dozen of quick sketches where I can choose how my bat is going to in the picture. Then multiple sketches of background. We ended up to one where I'm flying above forest during night. With somewhat blurry background to give feeling of distance.

And today I got mail from Poland:

Photo doesn't show even half of how lovely that picture is. I'm going to frame that and put it on my bedroom wall. I love originals, when you can actually see the layers of colors, brush strokes and maybe even some pencil markings. Knowing that every part of image is really hand made and not autofill or edited copypaste from some previous image.

Along with the mail came hand written letter and some additional pencil sketches of other poses we were considering. Such a sweet person :)

Jagal's submission of this picture in FA: www.furaffinity.net/full/15040560

November 12th, 2014

Still alive

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Uh! How long its been since I wrote last time? Especially any public comment? Far, far too long.

I have one extra day off from work today. I feel that I have so much time! Usually when working full day, there isn't much energy to do a lot at evening, and weekends are often filled with other plans.

Now I have already washed dishes, finally carried some stuff to basement and wrote one long email I've been about to write for a week. And it is not even noon yet! Still like 10+ hours of day left. I've met some unemployed people who tell that they "don't have time" to do something, how the hell is that possible :D

At summer I was driving in Sweden and Norway. Visiting some furry friends and enjoying Norway coasts. I've wanted to do that for a long time. Great views! I got mail today. 22,22 euros bill from automated road toll stations. Attached was 22 photos of my car around Norway. As math nerd I'm amused of all the "22"s and how easy it is to count how much each photo costs me :)

I was already wondering that I'm not going to get any bill at all. Nice memories actually, those photos mostly.

October 25th, 2013

So much yellow!

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August 14th, 2013

Introducing bunny

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While I was writing my life updates to LJ some weeks ago, I realised I've never wrote anything about my bunny side character. I'm still 100% bat, but mostly for the pictures I wanted some another, soft and fluffy character. And bunnies are always nice :)

From colors point of view it is quite opposite to my bat. Bunny is pretty much white, just having some pink fur on head, inside ears and just a little bit on paws.

My bat character is male as am I, but bunny is fully genderless. No boobs, no penises. But it does often wear clothes that are typically considered as girls clothings. At least so far in every picture.

I got very first sketch ever during last year Eurofurence, from CherryBox:

So cute! Click for larger image. I love the pose and those big ears :) I must have some thing with the big ears :D since I think that is very important in my bat character also.

Three more pictures after this cut, clickCollapse )

I've been referring to this character as "bunny" all the time. I should come up with some name, not that I need it much anywhere. I have a list: Kani, Paju, Pinja, Taru and Pupulus.

I like the first one. It starts with same letters as Kamuniak and it actually means bunny in Finnish. And I just read that "kani" is also "most average world in Finnish language", four letters, starting with K and ending to I. It is also gender neutral unlike most of those other names.

So let it be Kani at least for now.
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