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Something nice have been happening, during last weeks I've got gifts! Timing is very good since just lately there's been several incidents that have made me feel that too often it is me doing things for others. Don't get me wrong, I like doing things for others and make people happy if I just can, but sometimes it is also nice to get something. Especially if they come as surprise as these ones :)

As thanks for driving wRulf to Finfur Summer Camp, he painted me picture of my bat fursona. This photograph really doesn't give full idea how nice the original painting is:

I also saw all the sketches and photos he made before painting, he really did lot of work for this. But I love all unique, handmade things and this is first ever gift art I've got of my fursona. So I appreciate this a lot!

Another thing, just today Ikirouta gave me a book. Book that will solve all my social problems ;) It is funny that I have to read this stuff from book but nevertheless this surely will give me new points of views and different ways to think things and I'm always ready to improve myself. I have plenty of time to read this on my way to ScotiaCon. Thanks!

And as third gift, just few days earlier I got signed print from one artist abroad since I helped out friend of her earlier. Sending print was really sweet thing to do :)

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