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Did you saw Venus or maybe even got picture of it? I got something better:

It is Venus in front of the sun. AND also some clouds, tree branches and little bird in front of the sun at the same time. That must be more rare than just Venus :P

Seriously talking, bad luck with weather just like 2004. Maybe next time then :)

I woke up around 4 am, went outside and watched clouds on seashore for about 2 hours... That photo was taken just about an hour before end of the transit, sun was shining through thin clouds and wasn't clearly visible. And even that lasted just short moment until clouds totally covered the sky again.

Oh well. It was really nice to go out at that time anyway. So calm and quiet, except hundreds of birds singing everywhere. It was a bit cold but was getting warmer all the time. And I had good company to talk with.

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