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Back from the Scotland. I love it how far away it is possible to see there. Most of the Finland is so flat and so full of trees that you hardly ever see more than few hundred meters away. And if you see more far away from some hilltop, horizon is usually just flat forest.

Reason to visit Scotland again was ScotiaCon. Really fantastic small furry convention. Location is just beautiful, hotel is right next to the river. Even though travelling takes some time, 10+ hours one way, it has been worth it. I was sharing room with Lily Xute, really nice guy and easy going room mate. And bought quite amount of art.

Talking about art, just today I received packet from the mail. I bought Flower of Scotland by Alector Fencer from the art auction. I had to mail it to myself since it wouldn't have fit in to my luggage. Surprisingly, postage was only 9 pounds. Considering the size of packet, I think that is quite reasonable. And here it is:

I just love it! And it is signed 1/1 print.

Today I also got my own SC photographs online. Unfortunately fursuiters weren't walking outside so much as last year. River and sunsets and old buildings often gives really nice backgrounds to pictures. But there is still some very good shots, especially from dances. Lot of glowing eyes :)

My homepage photo gallery: ScotiaCon 2012

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