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Commission hints

During last few years I've made about 10 commissions of my own fursona. I've never been unhappy with any of those, but sometimes price compared to quality or service have been more than excellent. I share few of those here.

FurryBob is drawing adorable cute pictures. I commissioned picture of me hugging a plushie. Already a first version turned out great. But this was time when I was still unsure of my fursona colors, so FurryBob made me multiple different colored version where I was able to choose the one I liked most. I owe him big thanks for helping me out with this, I'm really not good at visualizing how something looks like before I see it. He kept the price same though, 25 dollars for all this work.

At ScotiaCon I commissioned badge from Janet. She made me 4 totally different sketches. One where I'm with camera, one where I'm eating water melon etc. I chose one, she made colored version of it. Then she laminated it and mailed it to Finland. Total price, 5 pounds. It is possible that this was just ScotiaCon special offer, but still I feel like I'm robbing her.

Jagal made me traditional, colored, full body picture of my character. Very different style than any previous picture of my character and I really like it. He mailed me the original. I always love to have originals, that special feeling that this is The Only One in the world. I find 37 dollars very cheap price for this work. Jagal is just taking new commissons with even lower prices. Batty highly recommends :)

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