Kamuniak (kamuniak) wrote,

New badges

I'm at the FinFur Summer Camp at the moment. It have been a bit rainy but lot of Werewolf is played :) I have few idle hours now so I introduce my new badges and artists who made them.

Well known Ultraviolet made monochrome badge, I got it at Confuzzled. Black and purple is great combination and very suitable colors for nightly creature like bat. She is so good with bats. Also at the Confuzzled I got new badge from Hearts. Hearts was really lovely person too. I bought some of her art and she was personally packing it for me at art pickup.


Yet more from Confuzzled, Loui made quick badge commission on location and it turned out so cuuute! Just adorable hanging little batty with tiny tail. I should commission more from her, she have some interesting pictures in her FA gallery. And latest one, which I got after huge mailing problems, is squishy badge from Bunny. Cute that one too and as small detail I like the red claws :)


One additional picture that I apparently never posted to my LJ before. Finnish furry Loiku made this traditional piece of art for me. I really like this, it is so calm and peaceful. Background is very much her style but it fits to this picture perfectly. Click for larger version.


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