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My precious conbadges

Last weekend went while cleaning up my home, throwing away piles of stuff I don't need any more. While doing this, I collected all my furry convention badges to same place.

Quite a collection already, one new coming next week :)

Only missing one is Eurofurence 15 badge. I didn't find the conbook either. They are somewhere here, that's for sure. I wouldn't throw those away. And RBW 2007 didn't have badge at all, only wristband.

One of my favorites is Eurofurence 16 lion badge, lovely :)

I removed my real name from it, I'm still a bit shy with that. I don't understand why there have to be people real name in those badges anyway. If I need to know or someone wants to know my real name, we can always ask. And con-ops or security will know my name by the badge number if ever needed.

I won't spam people's feed with more pictures, but I have some of my favorites behind the cut.

Last year ScotiaCon badge and lanyard were pink! People had quite different feelings about that.

I liked it, as well as previous year deep blue lanyard. Very colorful change to normal green, yellow, red -combo that is used almost everywhere.

Fresh change to normal was also RBW 2008 theme related "Gold Alchemist" instead of "Sponsor".

And I had totally forgot my Confuzzled 2010 badge had picture on penguin on it. I didn't had my bat fursona back then, so I had to come up with something. And Mumble is such a sweet character.

That was my first convention where people could upload own pictures to be used in badge. In few years that has become quite common even in small conventions. Too bad that European biggest convention Eurofurence still don't have that possibility.

Furs on Fire 2010 is my only badge ever that also showed the specie.

Which was nice actually, it helped at least me to start conversation with new people. "Oh you are African wild dog, that's cool!" As well as people noticed my "Bat" quite often, asking how did I end up to that.

Furs on Fire 2011-2012 is one of my favorites because its simplicity:

I have to find some good place for them. Great memories comes to mind from many of these.

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