Kamuniak (kamuniak) wrote,

Introducing bunny

While I was writing my life updates to LJ some weeks ago, I realised I've never wrote anything about my bunny side character. I'm still 100% bat, but mostly for the pictures I wanted some another, soft and fluffy character. And bunnies are always nice :)

From colors point of view it is quite opposite to my bat. Bunny is pretty much white, just having some pink fur on head, inside ears and just a little bit on paws.

My bat character is male as am I, but bunny is fully genderless. No boobs, no penises. But it does often wear clothes that are typically considered as girls clothings. At least so far in every picture.

I got very first sketch ever during last year Eurofurence, from CherryBox:

So cute! Click for larger image. I love the pose and those big ears :) I must have some thing with the big ears :D since I think that is very important in my bat character also.

Very soon after that I commissioned full color picture from Carowyn:

She made fantastic work, especially with the head and colors. I really like it when furry characters have clothes, it makes them somehow more realistic. That is one of the few problems with my bat character, wings very efficiently prevent using many normal clothes.

Third picture came from FurryBob, who I knew can draw ultracute art:

Random comment from FA: "I'm gonna go ahead and nominate this piece for gayest thing of 2012. :D"

Last but not least, at NordicFuzzCon I commissioned for me previously unknown artist Klara to make quick colored picture. It came from mail later with lovely "handle with care" art in envelope also:

I can feel the gentle summer wind. People are doing good job not making any kind of breasts for this character. As well as coloring is always near perfect, just a hint of pink.

I've been referring to this character as "bunny" all the time. I should come up with some name, not that I need it much anywhere. I have a list: Kani, Paju, Pinja, Taru and Pupulus.

I like the first one. It starts with same letters as Kamuniak and it actually means bunny in Finnish. And I just read that "kani" is also "most average world in Finnish language", four letters, starting with K and ending to I. It is also gender neutral unlike most of those other names.

So let it be Kani at least for now.

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