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Uh! How long its been since I wrote last time? Especially any public comment? Far, far too long.

I have one extra day off from work today. I feel that I have so much time! Usually when working full day, there isn't much energy to do a lot at evening, and weekends are often filled with other plans.

Now I have already washed dishes, finally carried some stuff to basement and wrote one long email I've been about to write for a week. And it is not even noon yet! Still like 10+ hours of day left. I've met some unemployed people who tell that they "don't have time" to do something, how the hell is that possible :D

At summer I was driving in Sweden and Norway. Visiting some furry friends and enjoying Norway coasts. I've wanted to do that for a long time. Great views! I got mail today. 22,22 euros bill from automated road toll stations. Attached was 22 photos of my car around Norway. As math nerd I'm amused of all the "22"s and how easy it is to count how much each photo costs me :)

I was already wondering that I'm not going to get any bill at all. Nice memories actually, those photos mostly.

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