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A3 original bat

Some time ago I commissioned traditional, A3 size picture of my bat character from Jagal. Its been such a pleasure working with her. She first made me over dozen of quick sketches where I can choose how my bat is going to in the picture. Then multiple sketches of background. We ended up to one where I'm flying above forest during night. With somewhat blurry background to give feeling of distance.

And today I got mail from Poland:

Photo doesn't show even half of how lovely that picture is. I'm going to frame that and put it on my bedroom wall. I love originals, when you can actually see the layers of colors, brush strokes and maybe even some pencil markings. Knowing that every part of image is really hand made and not autofill or edited copypaste from some previous image.

Along with the mail came hand written letter and some additional pencil sketches of other poses we were considering. Such a sweet person :)

Jagal's submission of this picture in FA: www.furaffinity.net/full/15040560

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