August 12th, 2013

My precious conbadges

Last weekend went while cleaning up my home, throwing away piles of stuff I don't need any more. While doing this, I collected all my furry convention badges to same place.

Quite a collection already, one new coming next week :)

Only missing one is Eurofurence 15 badge. I didn't find the conbook either. They are somewhere here, that's for sure. I wouldn't throw those away. And RBW 2007 didn't have badge at all, only wristband.

One of my favorites is Eurofurence 16 lion badge, lovely :)

I removed my real name from it, I'm still a bit shy with that. I don't understand why there have to be people real name in those badges anyway. If I need to know or someone wants to know my real name, we can always ask. And con-ops or security will know my name by the badge number if ever needed.

I won't spam people's feed with more pictures, but I have some of my favorites behind the cut.

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I have to find some good place for them. Great memories comes to mind from many of these.