My precious conbadges

Last weekend went while cleaning up my home, throwing away piles of stuff I don't need any more. While doing this, I collected all my furry convention badges to same place.

Quite a collection already, one new coming next week :)

Only missing one is Eurofurence 15 badge. I didn't find the conbook either. They are somewhere here, that's for sure. I wouldn't throw those away. And RBW 2007 didn't have badge at all, only wristband.

One of my favorites is Eurofurence 16 lion badge, lovely :)

I removed my real name from it, I'm still a bit shy with that. I don't understand why there have to be people real name in those badges anyway. If I need to know or someone wants to know my real name, we can always ask. And con-ops or security will know my name by the badge number if ever needed.

I won't spam people's feed with more pictures, but I have some of my favorites behind the cut.

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I have to find some good place for them. Great memories comes to mind from many of these.

New badges

I'm at the FinFur Summer Camp at the moment. It have been a bit rainy but lot of Werewolf is played :) I have few idle hours now so I introduce my new badges and artists who made them.

Well known Ultraviolet made monochrome badge, I got it at Confuzzled. Black and purple is great combination and very suitable colors for nightly creature like bat. She is so good with bats. Also at the Confuzzled I got new badge from Hearts. Hearts was really lovely person too. I bought some of her art and she was personally packing it for me at art pickup.


Yet more from Confuzzled, Loui made quick badge commission on location and it turned out so cuuute! Just adorable hanging little batty with tiny tail. I should commission more from her, she have some interesting pictures in her FA gallery. And latest one, which I got after huge mailing problems, is squishy badge from Bunny. Cute that one too and as small detail I like the red claws :)


One additional picture that I apparently never posted to my LJ before. Finnish furry Loiku made this traditional piece of art for me. I really like this, it is so calm and peaceful. Background is very much her style but it fits to this picture perfectly. Click for larger version.

Angel Bat

Adorable picture :)

I saw it here. But as it often happens in many sites, people comments may be more amusing that pictures, videos or news themselves:

heronemis > Bat in Norwegian is flaggerMUS. Mus is mouse in norwegian
littlesoldierboy > In Estonian it's Nahkhiir. Skinmouse technically
ichbinlegion > Bat in German is FlederMAUS. Maus is mouse in German
mikelan > Bat in Dutch is vleerMUIS. Muis is mouse in Dutch
tonttu> In finnish Bat is Lepakko.....there isn't mouse in it. I just want to fit in.


Energy saving

Some time ago I started paying attention to power consumption of all the stuff I'm buying. I replaced last old light bulbs with low-energy ones and led lamps. When I bought new home theatre and TV few years ago, I chose ones that have very low stand-by power. In my TV it is 0,2 watts, compared to my old TV that used nearly 7 watts! What the hell it was doing with that? New TV is still showing little red light and start from the remote, just like the old one. My computer have SSD drives and low power HD for storage. Monitor uses about 22 watts, compared to old that used over 60 even though it was much smaller.

And this have worked indeed. My apartment total power consumption have dropped from 1366 kWh to 808 kWh during last 5 years.

And this is without any other efforts. Stuff like turning off the lights every time I leave the room and things like that. Instead I'm sure I've been using all kind of electric gizmos even more during last years, bought Roomba etc.

I recommend this to other people, additional "work" that is needed when buying stuff is minimal. Surely saves money in long run, but environment too :)
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Commission hints

During last few years I've made about 10 commissions of my own fursona. I've never been unhappy with any of those, but sometimes price compared to quality or service have been more than excellent. I share few of those here.

FurryBob is drawing adorable cute pictures. I commissioned picture of me hugging a plushie. Already a first version turned out great. But this was time when I was still unsure of my fursona colors, so FurryBob made me multiple different colored version where I was able to choose the one I liked most. I owe him big thanks for helping me out with this, I'm really not good at visualizing how something looks like before I see it. He kept the price same though, 25 dollars for all this work.

At ScotiaCon I commissioned badge from Janet. She made me 4 totally different sketches. One where I'm with camera, one where I'm eating water melon etc. I chose one, she made colored version of it. Then she laminated it and mailed it to Finland. Total price, 5 pounds. It is possible that this was just ScotiaCon special offer, but still I feel like I'm robbing her.

Jagal made me traditional, colored, full body picture of my character. Very different style than any previous picture of my character and I really like it. He mailed me the original. I always love to have originals, that special feeling that this is The Only One in the world. I find 37 dollars very cheap price for this work. Jagal is just taking new commissons with even lower prices. Batty highly recommends :)


Back from the Scotland. I love it how far away it is possible to see there. Most of the Finland is so flat and so full of trees that you hardly ever see more than few hundred meters away. And if you see more far away from some hilltop, horizon is usually just flat forest.

Reason to visit Scotland again was ScotiaCon. Really fantastic small furry convention. Location is just beautiful, hotel is right next to the river. Even though travelling takes some time, 10+ hours one way, it has been worth it. I was sharing room with Lily Xute, really nice guy and easy going room mate. And bought quite amount of art.

Talking about art, just today I received packet from the mail. I bought Flower of Scotland by Alector Fencer from the art auction. I had to mail it to myself since it wouldn't have fit in to my luggage. Surprisingly, postage was only 9 pounds. Considering the size of packet, I think that is quite reasonable. And here it is:

I just love it! And it is signed 1/1 print.

Today I also got my own SC photographs online. Unfortunately fursuiters weren't walking outside so much as last year. River and sunsets and old buildings often gives really nice backgrounds to pictures. But there is still some very good shots, especially from dances. Lot of glowing eyes :)

My homepage photo gallery: ScotiaCon 2012
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New badge

I got my new badge from mail today, yay!

Lovely bright colors and I really like the smile :)

This is also my first badge that have my name on it, this will be much used in furry events during this summer.

Made by Carowyn
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Did you saw Venus or maybe even got picture of it? I got something better:

It is Venus in front of the sun. AND also some clouds, tree branches and little bird in front of the sun at the same time. That must be more rare than just Venus :P

Seriously talking, bad luck with weather just like 2004. Maybe next time then :)

I woke up around 4 am, went outside and watched clouds on seashore for about 2 hours... That photo was taken just about an hour before end of the transit, sun was shining through thin clouds and wasn't clearly visible. And even that lasted just short moment until clouds totally covered the sky again.

Oh well. It was really nice to go out at that time anyway. So calm and quiet, except hundreds of birds singing everywhere. It was a bit cold but was getting warmer all the time. And I had good company to talk with.
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Artbook batty

I just received artbook I bought from silverfox5213. He makes a lot of really cute pictures and characters.

What made me even happier, my copy came with a lil bat that have "thank you" written its wings. That is adorable :D

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Something nice have been happening, during last weeks I've got gifts! Timing is very good since just lately there's been several incidents that have made me feel that too often it is me doing things for others. Don't get me wrong, I like doing things for others and make people happy if I just can, but sometimes it is also nice to get something. Especially if they come as surprise as these ones :)

As thanks for driving wRulf to Finfur Summer Camp, he painted me picture of my bat fursona. This photograph really doesn't give full idea how nice the original painting is:

I also saw all the sketches and photos he made before painting, he really did lot of work for this. But I love all unique, handmade things and this is first ever gift art I've got of my fursona. So I appreciate this a lot!

Another thing, just today Ikirouta gave me a book. Book that will solve all my social problems ;) It is funny that I have to read this stuff from book but nevertheless this surely will give me new points of views and different ways to think things and I'm always ready to improve myself. I have plenty of time to read this on my way to ScotiaCon. Thanks!

And as third gift, just few days earlier I got signed print from one artist abroad since I helped out friend of her earlier. Sending print was really sweet thing to do :)
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