Lunar eclipse

I was outside yesterday night trying to get a glimpse of that total lunar eclipse. Not much luck though, sky was very cloudy. So I mostly just lied on the ground, enjoying nightly silence. As much as it is possible when living in a big city.

I managed to see moon between clouds just when earth's shadow was already moving away:

Better than nothing :)

On my way back I took some other photos too, like this brilliant masterpiece "slightly crappy flowers on roadside":

And some hedgehog's perspective to make sure my clothes are dirty when I get back home:

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Chat from the past

Over 10 years ago there was browser based chat in It was still time of dial-up modems and it was expensive to use internet especially with student budget, but still I spent lot of time in TLK chat during years 1998-1999. I found it amusing that there was such chat where people had "animal roles" and comments like *licks himself* and *purrrs* were more than common.

I wonder how many furries I met in that chat already 10 years ago, who I have now met IRL in furry conventions? :) There must be at least some as I've heard many furries telling how much Lion King movie meant to them.

I was myself using name Lynx (randomly Lynxie) in that chat and it was also my ICQ name. Out of those people I met there I remember names Linc (sometimes MsLincoln as Lincoln was her favourite president), Tracie and MysticArtist (or MysticAlpha).

I chatted a lot with Linc, continued over email and ICQ. Very well I also remember Tracie since she made this picture dedicated to me:

I really liked that picture and still do since cheetah looks so happy :)

It is such a shame that I lost contact to these people over the years. Emails or IM accounts I had that time haven't been in use for a long, long time now :( Would be nice to know what these people do these days. Have I met them? Are they still drawing?

I actually found few emails from that time but those addresses are no longer in use. Maybe this is time past. Still, if someone remember being in that chat or recognize any names above, feel free to contact :)

Playing with camera

Free day from work today. I did some photographing, surprise? One great thing in photographing is that even after tens of years, there's still endless possibilities to take new kind of photos and play around.

I took photos of my miniatures, statuses and such, using only lights I found from home. Following photos are like they came from camera, no photoshopping or other editing afterwards. (As always, click for bigger versions.)

Dragon miniature in spotlight. I like how picture is getting black on every border:

Small dragon statue. There was additional red light pointing to head and eye area:

Here I was aiming mostly for nice background. It's glass painting with light behind it:

Glass decoration with led light on background:

Postcard made of shiny silvery material, illuminated with violet/ultraviolet light:

Fur Affinity

When I first created my LiveJournal account, I needed it only to read my friends' posts. But then I started writing. Same thing happened now with my Fur Affinity account which I originally made just to watch other people.

I've now uploaded some of my photographs to FA gallery. I chose such pictures that I have something special to say about them from photographer point of view. I've added my own comments to them and also exif-info to some photos for those who are interested of technical details.

My actual full gallery stays in my homepage of course.
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Eurofurence 16 photographs

I came home late from my EF trip and lot of things to do at work after my vacation, but now my EF16 photographs are online.

As people who know me knows, I actually choose which ones to put online out of those thousands of photos I take during con. Crop them, adjust white balance, brightness or rotation if needed, try to hide human faces and all that. That's why it usually takes a while to get my photos online. I'm slightly annoyed of people who just dump all their photos online without going through them even themselves. I mean generally, I'm not talking only about furry photos here.

I didn't take nearly as many photos as previous years EF conventions. As mentioned in my previous post, I was missing sunsets and forests of Suhl from background :( And for some reason, there was times during con when there seemed to be just few suiters in hotel lobby and other main areas. I was really wondering at some points that where is everyone? Maybe people were checking restaurants and sights of the big city.

If you're a fursuiter and see yourself in my photos, feel free to ask fullsize versions if you want them :)


At Eurofurence

Current location Maritim Hotel. Quite many photos taken, but not as much as previous years though. I somewhat miss forests and sunsets of Suhl already.

I got some spare time before Fursuit Gameshow, so here's EF meme from Tani's journal.

Where are you staying?
At the Maritim Hotel

What day are you getting there?
Early arrival, late departure

Who will you be with?
Sharing room with my good friend Cookie but I'll walk around and hope to be with many different people during convention

Do you do free art or trades?
Do you do commissions/badges?
Do you have prints/CDs?
Do you have art in the art show?
None of these, unfortunately I can't draw

Can I dance with you?
I skip dancing but you'll find my taking photos of fursuiters dancing. Challenging conditions for photographing, I like it :)

You're talking to someone, and I would like to say hi, but don't know how, what can I do?
Obviously, feel free to say hi when you are not directly interrupting anything :)

What is your gender?

How old are you?
34 human years

How tall are you?
Around 170

Can I touch you?
Go ahead. For some reason, people rarely does. I'm maybe small but I won't break :)

Can I talk to you?
Any time

Can I hug you
Of course, unless you are far too drunk

Can I take photos of you/with you?
No thanks, unless there is some special reason. I photograph but I usually try to stay away from photos

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
Coke is always good :)

Do you drink alcohol/smoke?
No alcohol or smoking

Can I give you lots of money?
I earn what I need, thank you :)

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
If you know me, go ahead. I let you know if I don't like it then

Can we hang out?

Are you nice?
I always try

Where will you be most of the time during the con?
Among fursuiters, photographing them

Other cons you may go to? (all 2011)
- Confuzzled ?
- Scotiacon ??
Can't say anything sure yet

Fursuit ideas

I've been thinking of getting own fursuit. Actually I'd like to build one by myself but I have some serious lack of time issues. One reason why I haven't ordered one is that my fursona is still a bit unknown. Not that fursuit need to be same as my fursona, but it just would be logical choice for first suit.

I've had some ideas and thoughts about this anyway. One is simple Snow Leopard. Maybe most beautiful of all big cats, tigers get near though. This went so far that I actually asked from some fursuit builders how much would it cost.

Another a bit more unusual one is Penguin :) I've always liked them, they look cute. Happy Feet (I wrote about this earlier in my LJ) certainly did its part, I loved that movie. Suit would be quite realistic. It might be a bit slow to walk with those short feet or do anything sensible with flippers, but look very penguin. Surely not the suit I'd wear in some public place. But I really like suits that hide human body form, Vin as good example.

Because of reasons I'll tell later, I've also been thinking Bat. Body itself would be all black with quite short fur. Dark purple wings attached to hands and body so that wings would spread out when lifting hands. I very much liked this anatomically correct way to make much-longer-than-hands wings this one dragon had. But I guess I'd still keep wings only hand length in this suit. There's also thin wing-like fold between legs, same color as wings.

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D&D at basement

I saw lovely dragon statue in one shop earlier this week. It was about 40-50 cm high and on other hand it had electric light that looked like torch. So it was a lamp-stand basically :) Once again I had same problem that I often have for example in furry art shows. I really like something and would like to buy it, but I simply have no place at home where to put it. Pointless to buy neat dragon light if it ends up in some closet.

This reminded me again of one of the dreams I have. Some day I'd like to have own house and to that house I'd make big basement level. Maybe 3-4 small rooms and some sort of corridor as an entrance and connecting these rooms. One arcade-room where I could put all my old computers from last 20 years. One room for fursuit building. Or tail building at least ;) Still there would be 1-2 spare rooms.

This must come from some old computer role playing games, but I would find this kind of windowless basement really cozy :) That place I could decorate with all furry art, dragon statues, big plushies and everything I ever find and like. (Yes, I'm a little bit of a hamster. I like collecting things and especially I don't like throwing anything away.)

That basement could be my own peaceful place. Most people wouldn't even need to know I have such floor. Maybe just some good friends who wouldn't think I'm nuts when they see that ;)

Backyard nature photographing

Random photos from this and previous weekends. Spring and summer are great time for photographing, no need to go more than few hundred meters from home to take neat photos.


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I love nature and forests. As well as walking around with camera. Makes me more easily to look around and stop watching things I might normally just pass.


Mail brought my new t-shirt today:

The Final Battle for our souls begins :D

(Just had to get this. Brilliant shirt especially when there's no any kind of texts ruining it.)